Builder sells three homes

Here’s another real estate photo from the July 24 1939 edition of the Toronto Daily Star:

I looked the houses and their owners up in the Toronto city directories:

  • James H. Galbraith, who was at 320 Fairlawn, worked as a foreman. There was also a James K. Galbraith who lived there; he worked as an adjuster at Eaton’s, and was probably James H.’s son.
  • G. Vernon Cranfield, at 322 Fairlawn, was a clerk at the city treasury.
  • Samuel A. McIntosh, at 324 Fairlawn, ran the Melrose Service Station. The 1940 directory also listed Stanley Sharp living there; he wasn’t in the 1945 directory.

All three of them were still there in 1945, though James K. Galbraith was now on active service. By 1950, the Galbraiths had moved to 47 Robina Avenue, and the younger Galbraith was now a student. Mr. Cranfield and Mr. McIntosh and their families remained neighbours for at least 20 years, as they are both listed at the same address in the 1960 directory.

All three houses still stand.

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