New home in York Mills

The July 24 1939 edition of the Toronto Daily Star contained photographs of a number of upscale homes that had just been built. Here’s a picture of one of them:

The 1940 Toronto city directory lists Douglas J. Cormack as an assistant treasurer at Abitibi Power and Paper, and lists his address as 51 Donino Avenue in York Mills. Google Street View shows that this house no longer exists.

The 1942 directory lists Mr. Cormack’s address as 27 Donino Avenue. Either the street was renumbered or he moved. The house now at that location is larger than the one in this photograph, so my best guess is the latter. Sadly, Mr. Cormack didn’t get to enjoy life in York Mills for very long: the 1947 city directory lists him at 27 Donino, but the 1948 directory lists his widow.

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