Kingsway home

Here is the third and last of the new home pictures that appeared in the July 24 1939 edition of the Toronto Daily Star:

A fully air-conditioned home would have seemed quite appealing to readers who were suffering through a Toronto summer without benefit of air conditioning! (While the high temperature on July 29 1939 was a comparatively cool 25C, the city had just endured a six-day heat wave of highs of 30C or greater, peaking at 33.9C on July 28.)

The Toronto city directories revealed that the “undisclosed purchaser” mentioned in this caption was Herbert G. Baggs, a supervisor at Eaton’s. Sadly, he didn’t get to live in his new air-conditioned home for all that long: the 1945 directory lists him, but the 1948 directory lists his widow.

The house still stands, though it has been recently been remodelled. (Historical Google Street View photos show the house appearing unchanged up until 2018.)

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