New investment house

Here’s another photograph from the January 14 1926 edition of the Toronto Daily Star of a businessperson starting a new position.

At some point, I need to figure out when papers stopped including a period after the short form of a person’s first name (as in “Alex.” here). I think it lasted into the 1930s.

Alex. E. Scott has a very small footprint in the Toronto city directories. The 1926 directory doesn’t have a listing for him, at least not with his occupation listed; however, there is a bold-face entry for Walter T. Smith & Co., with A. E. Scott listed as the firm’s vice-president. But Mr. Scott is not listed as the vice-president of the firm in the 1927 directory, and I could find no other definite trace of him. Scott is a common surname, and there are a number of Alex and A.E. Scotts listed, so I might just have missed him.

The Walter T. Smith investment house didn’t last all that long – sadly, this might have been because Walter T. Smith didn’t last all that long. The 1930 directory lists both of them, with Walter being the Chairman of the Board of his firm, but the 1931 directory lists neither.

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