Ice cream by tricycles

Here’s a bit of filler from the October 1, 1928 Toronto Daily Star:

Photo 2018-03-11, 10 40 03 PM

I love this article – it has both too much detail and too little. We don’t know the name of the ice cream manufacturer, or which British towns the fleet operates in, but we do know that it contains 1100 tricycles.

A search for “ice cream tricycle 1928” uncovered this site, which suggests that the manufacturer might have been Wall’s. The photographs are fascinating. (Wall’s ice cream still exists, but the brand has been swallowed up by Unilever.)


Bird blamed for fire

Here’s another bit of filler from the August 25 1931 Toronto Daily Star:

Photo 2018-03-24, 6 26 17 PM

Those damned pyromaniac birds!

Elkader, Iowa, is southeast of Minneapolis-St. Paul and northeast of Des Moines. Its current population (as of 2010) is 1273, down from 1465 in 2000. It was named after the Algerian leader Abd al-Qadir al-Jaza’iri; when the town was founded in 1846, the founders wanted to honour him for resisting the French conquest of Algeria. Its sister city, appropriately enough, is Mascara, Algeria.