National Clothing Collection

The June 17 1946 edition of the Toronto Daily Star reported that this was the first day of the National Clothing Collection, which was a drive to send used clothing to war-torn Europe. Toronto’s collection day was scheduled for June 19.

Here’s the main article on the National Clothing Collection:


The paper also contained an ad from the National Clothing Collection:


The paper also contained public service ads on the National Clothing Collection. Here’s one from the Chambers & Sons shoe store.


Chambers & Sons were at this location up until at least 1958, but were not in the 1960 Toronto city directory.

Here’s one from the Bank of Toronto.


And Simpson’s had one too:


Finally, the One Minute News About Johns-Manville feature encouraged its readers to give:



The atomic bomb and the future

The March 25 1947 edition of the Toronto Daily Star contained multiple advertisements for a lecture on the atomic bomb and the future.



Dr. Omond Solandt (1909-1993) was a Canadian scientist who held a number of  posts during and after the war, including Chancellor of the University of Toronto, vice-president of research and development for Canadian National Railways, and president of the Royal Canadian Geographical Society.

I’m not sure whether Marian Grudeff (1927-2006) performed during Dr. Solandt’s talk or separately from it – my guess is that she went on first. She was a Canadian pianist and musical theatre composer, and taught at the Royal Conservatory of Music.