Here’s an article from the November 2 1966 Toronto Daily Star that made my jaw drop:


I had no idea that they used to number the indigenous Canadians who lived in the north – how demeaning is that? Did they actually ever address him as “E7-55”?

I’m not sure when the word “Eskimo” stopped being used officially. Wikipedia informs me that the term was originally used by the Algonquin tribes to refer to their northern neighbours, and that the Inuit never referred to themselves this way.


Damn you, Mrs. Talbot!

Here’s an ad from the November 2 1966 Toronto Daily Star:


Of course, in 1966, the word “gay” did not have its modern meaning. I wonder when Domtar Consumer Products decided to change the name of its dishwashing liquid.

And I’m pretty sure that the neighbours eventually stopped inviting Mrs. Talbot over; all she ever did was nitpick and complain.