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Riverdale Terrace

The October 23 1953 edition of the Toronto Daily Star contained an ad for a skating rink at Danforth and Broadview:


A search through the Toronto city directories revealed that Riverdale Terrace didn’t last long. It first appears in the 1952 city directory, and last appears in the 1959 directory.

When searching through the directories, I also discovered that there was a baseball stadium at Danforth and Broadview between 1952 and 1960 (when, presumably, it was destroyed to make room for the Don Valley Parkway). The stadium was called Millen Memorial Stadium, after Gordon Millen, the MPP for the riding who passed away in 1948 while in office. (I couldn’t find anything on Millen Memorial Stadium, but the Spacing Toronto website has photos of people playing baseball in Riverdale Park.)

The building currently at this location, the City Adult Learning Centre, first appears in the 1964 city directory under its original name, Parkway Vocational School.


Dominion Day

Today is Canada Day, of course, but it used to be known as Dominion Day.

The March 19 1953 edition of the Globe and Mail reported on a Liberal MP who objected to the name Dominion Day, but was rebuffed:


According to the Wikipedia entry on Canada Day, Mr. Côté first tried to get the name changed in 1946 in a private member’s bill. The bill was stalled in the Senate, which recommended that the name be changed to “The National Holiday Of Canada”, which was understandably rejected. He tried several times after that, and was rejected each time; the 1953 attempt might well have been his last, as he died of a heart attack in 1954 at the too-early age of 51.

By the early 1980s, many Canadians were using the term “Canada Day”, and the name was officially changed on October 27, 1982. Future prime minister Stephen Harper introduced a private member’s bill in 1996 calling for a return to the old name; it was defeated.