Power shortage

When looking through the November 22 1948 Toronto Daily Star, I discovered that Toronto’s electrical grid was having trouble meeting the demands of its residents, resulting in a power shortage.

Here’s an official announcement on the shortage, advising people how to install their own electricity supply safely:

Photo 2018-04-01, 3 12 52 PM

And the CCF (forerunner to today’s NDP) hosted a discussion of the shortage:

Photo 2018-04-01, 3 07 26 PM

Some venues had their own electricity supply, and boasted that they suffered no power cuts. One of these was the Horseshoe Tavern, which, last year, celebrated its 70th anniversary. Here’s an ad from the year after they opened, along with an ad for another entertainment option, the Embassy Tavern:

Photo 2018-04-01, 3 18 06 PM.jpg

The Horseshoe also offered television! The Embassy Tavern is long gone, by the way – Harry Rosen tailors is now there.


Milk bottle thief jailed

From the Toronto Daily Star, November 22 1948:

Photo 2018-04-01, 3 05 39 PM

Was he really jailed for stealing $1.92? I suppose that might be $192, but it would take a lot of time to accumulate that much from milk bottles.


Man versus fox

From the November 22, 1948 Toronto Daily Star:

Photo 2018-04-01, 3 03 40 PM

On the one hand, this 81-year-old guy is pretty badass to be capturing a fox at his age. On the other hand, he was being rather cruel to the fox. Perhaps the fox had been damaging his plants for quite some time.