Wins gold medal

Here’s a photo from the May 25 1935 edition of the Toronto Daily Star of a girl who had just won a piano contest.

As I’ve mentioned before, it was common practice in the 1930s for photos to list the address of the person being photographed. Needless to say, this would not happen today.

The 1935 Toronto city directory lists Edward and Maurice Goldstick as business partners in the Superior Wrecking Company; presumably, they were brothers. They were also neighbours: Edward lived at 356 Delaware Avenue, and Maurice lived at 358A.

I could find no reference to Sylvia Goldstick in any directory from 1937 to 1948, but an Internet search turned up this photo record from the Ontario Jewish Archives. It stated that Sylvia Goldstick married Dr. Izzy Kamin in 1940 and that the couple moved to San Francisco. The 1947 Toronto city directory lists Wilfred Goldstick as living at 358A Delaware, and I found an obituary for him that listed him as passing away in 2012 and that his sister, Sylvia Kamin, predeceased him.

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