Housewife is winner

Here’s a photo from the March 14 1935 edition of the Toronto Daily Star of a woman who had just won a gas stove.

I looked up the lucky winner in the Toronto city directories and found Henry Miller, a “bkr” (which I assume means “baker”) living at 80 Empire Avenue, presumably with his wife. It looks like the Millers didn’t enjoy their new stove for that long, at least at where they were living when she won it: Mr. Miller is listed in the 1936 directory at that location but not in the 1937 directory, and 80 Empire Avenue is listed as having a different resident in the 1937 directory.

I couldn’t find another reference to a baker named Henry Miller in the 1937 directory. Miller is a very common name, so I have no way of determining whether Mrs. Miller had just become widowed. And I have no idea whether she used the gas stove at wherever she wound up going. Some trails lead to dead ends.

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