As I’ve mentioned before, the editorial page of the Toronto Daily Star used to have a section called A Little Of Everything that always started off with a poem. Here’s the daily poem from the March 7 1928 edition of the Toronto Daily Star:

I am not sure whether the pictures referenced in this poem are ordinary dreams or are fever-induced visions resulting from the flu.

Because Ms. McGauley’s name and address were included, I was able to trace her in the Toronto city directories. The 1928 directory lists only William J. McGauley as living at 1 Grimthorpe Avenue, but the 1931 directory lists five McGauleys at 736A St. Clair Avenue West: Elizabeth, a nurse; Ella, the widow of Daniel; Nan M., a teacher; Violet E., a stenographer; William J., who is now an accountant.

By 1933, Elizabeth, Nan, and Violet had moved in together at 569 Christie. The three of them were still living together in 1939, but by 1942, only Violet (now listed as L. Violet) and Nan were listed. Violet and Nan lived together until 1955, but the 1956 directory only lists Nan. I don’t know whether Violet passed away or got married then; a Google search for her name turned up precisely nothing.

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