Pilot who flew new king

Here’s a photo from the January 23 1936 edition of the Toronto Daily Star of the pilot who flew King Edward VIII to London to be sworn in.

Edward Fielden (1903-1976) took up flying in 1924 and became the future King Edward’s personal pilot in 1929. When Edward abdicated in 1936, Fielden was retained as the royal pilot, charged with flying members of the royal family and other important members of state.

During the Second World War, Fielden served as a wing commander and then group captain in the Royal Air Force. After the war, he returned to his role as captain of the King’s Flight, which became the Queen’s Flight when Elizabeth II became Queen. He retired from this post in 1962. Throughout his royal service, he was discreet and self-effacing, which earned him the nickname of “Mouse”.

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