Gas saves more than it costs

Here’s an advertisement from the November 21 1927 edition of the Toronto Daily Star for Consumers Gas, showing a building that had been outfitted with gas ranges.

The Lafayette Apartments were brand new in 1927 – in fact, they were so new that they were not listed in the 1927 and 1928 Toronto city directories. The 1927 directory lists 223 and 225 Woodbine Avenue as vacant houses. The same listing is repeated in 1928, which suggests that the people who compiled the city directories didn’t get around to going to Woodbine Avenue in 1928.

The 1929 directory does list the Lafayette Apartments. The building contained 48 suites, not 47 as mentioned in the ad; the directory shows only three of them as vacant, so 45 tenants were enjoying the benefits of a gas range in the kitchen and a gas-powered clothes dryer.

Google Street View indicates that the building still stands. The ornamentation on the roof is gone – you can see where it used to be – and the window ornamentation has been painted over. The building is now called the Beach Park Apartments; it’s located on Woodbine just north of Queen, not that far from the beach, so you can’t blame them for changing the building name to include the magic word “Beach”.

The web site Rent It Or Not rates the building – one reviewer claims that, because the building is so old, you can hear everything that your neighbours do.

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