Miss New Zealand 1927

Fair warning: we will be spending the next few days in the world of November 21 1927, as I found lots of interesting material in that day’s Toronto Daily Star. To start, here’s a photograph of Miss New Zealand 1927 surrounded by her runners-up:

Dale Austen (1910-??) won her beauty pageant crown at the age of 17. Her prize for becoming Miss New Zealand was a trip to Hollywood and an opportunity to star in movies there.

Unfortunately, she did not manage to become a star. She did appear in some movies in the late 1920s, but her Internet Movie Database entry only lists two roles for her. In 1933, she moved to Australia and married another New Zealand expatriate, a man named Robert Ivan Nicholson. After that, she appears to have disappeared from the public eye. Her date of death is not known.

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