Gunman fires four shots

Here’s a brief article from the November 15 1937 edition of the Toronto Daily Star about a movie extra who was shot in his bed.

Hymie Miller did not survive the attack – he died the day that this article was published.

A website specializing in discussions of bit-part actors, The Unsung Joe, has an article about Hymie Miller. According to the article, he was part of an extortion racket with his partner, James Iannone (alias Danny Wilson). When Iannone escaped from custody in Brooklyn and fled to the west coast, Miller followed him; the two established a scheme where they obtained jobs for movie extras in return for a cut. The two apparently had a falling-out and Iannone shot Miller in the face. He was arrested for the crime in 1940 but was either acquitted or received a light sentence.

When Miller wasn’t allegedly being a strong-arm man or running his delicatessen, he was appearing as a movie extra. The Internet Movie Database lists only one entry for him, but he appeared in several other movies around that time.

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