Canadian Club speaker

Here’s a photo from the November 15 1937 edition of the Toronto Daily Star of a man about to give a speech at the Canadian Club in Toronto.

Charles Cahan (1861-1944) was a lawyer, newspaper editor, and businessman. He was the leader of the Liberal-Conservative party in his home province of Nova Scotia from 1890 to 1894. He moved to federal politics later in life, becoming the Conservative member for the Quebec riding of St. Lawrence – St. George in 1925. He ran for the leadership of the Conservative party in 1927 and finished third, and he served as Secretary of State under R.B. Bennett from 1930 to 1935. He lost his seat in the 1940 election.

The closest that he came to controversy was in 1932. During a speech as Secretary of State, he appeared to implicitly recognize Japan’s occupation of China, leading one speaker to wonder whether Canada took the League Of Nations seriously.

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