Electioneering in London

Here’s a photograph from the November 8 1935 edition of the Toronto Daily Star of a Socialist candidate for the British parliament who was campaigning with her son.

Anne Fremantle (1909-2002) did not win her Westminster St. George’s riding for the Labour Party in the 1935 general election, but she did obtain enough votes to not lose her deposit. This was an impressive enough accomplishment, given that she was contesting a safe Conservative seat held by Duff Cooper.

During the Second World War, she served as an ambulance driver and BBC broadcaster before moving to the United States to keep her children safe. She and her husband, painter Christopher Fremantle (who was a follower of G.I. Gurdjieff), stayed in the United States after the war. She became a U.S. citizen, converted to Roman Catholicism, and wrote around 30 books and a number of articles. Evelyn Waugh called her “the smartest woman in America”.

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