Will be marchioness

Here’s a photograph from the September 17 1927 edition of the Toronto Daily Star of a woman who was about to marry a British peer.

The woman in this photograph was born Dorothy Isabel Westenra Hastings in 1899. She married George Francis Hugh Cambridge (1895-1981) in 1923. At the time, he was the Earl of Eltham, but he became the 2nd Marquess of Cambridge later in 1927 when his father passed away. He became a director of a banking firm in 1929, becoming the second member of the British royal family to pursue a career in finance. (Though he was a distant member of the family, being a great-great-grandson of King George III and a nephew of Queen Mary, the consort of George V.)

The couple had one daughter, but no sons, which meant that his peerages became extinct when he passed away. The Marchioness of Cambridge, as the former Ms. Hastings became, passed away in 1988.

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