Quits channel after 13 hours

Here’s a short article from the September 17 1927 edition of the Toronto Daily Star of a woman who had to abandon an attempt to swim the English Channel.

After her unsuccessful attempt to swim the English Channel in 1927, Millie Hudson (1902-1966) attempted to swim the Strait of Gibraltar in 1928 but had to give up due to choppy waters. She travelled to Toronto to compete in the Wrigley Marathon swim in 1928 and stayed in Canada for six years, working as a coach and journalist.

During and after the Second World War, Ms. Hudson worked as a journalist. She became the first female member of the Sports Writers’ Association in 1949; she was the only woman in the association until 1955. She passed away in 1966 only ten days after travelling to Blackpool to report on amateur swimming championships.

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