Manufacturers Life promotion

I’ve always been fascinated by photos of people who have just been promoted to new jobs and whose employers wanted to announce this fact in the daily newspaper. For example, here’s one from the September 11 1934 edition of the Toronto Daily Star:

I’m also always fascinated by the fact that business attire hasn’t changed much for men in decades: business suit, white shirt, tie. Of course, modern employees don’t have to wear a suit as often, but it looks the same when they do.

I traced S. M. Thompson in the Toronto city directories. The 1935 directory lists Sanford M. Thompson as, sure enough, an assistant treasurer at Manufacturers Life; he was living at 91 Humbercrest Boulevard. By 1945, he was a treasurer and living at 107 Humbercrest (which was the same house as before, just renumbered). In 1955, he was now vice-president and treasurer, still at Manufacturers Life, but had moved to 64 Baby Point Road. The 1965 directory lists him without an occupation; presumably, he had retired.

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