A pleasant way of training

The June 17 1929 edition of the Toronto Daily Star continues to be an interesting source of material! Here’s a photo of a heavyweight boxer who was training for an upcoming fight by dancing:

Paulino Uzcudun (1899-1985) was considered the greatest Spanish heavyweight boxer ever. During his career, he fought a number of heavyweight title holders, including Joe Louis, Max Baer, Primo Carnera, and Max Schmeling. He fought Schmeling three times:

  • In 1929 (captioned here), in which he lost on points;
  • In 1934, which was ruled a draw;
  • In 1935, in which he lost on points again.

He fought once for the world heavyweight championship, losing to Carnera on points in 1933. Wikipedia describes this fight as having taken place in Barcelona during the height of the Spanish Civil War, but BoxRec, a boxing records site, lists it as occurring in Rome. Uzcudun did fight in Barcelona twice in 1933 and once in 1934, though.

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