Married French ace

Here is a photograph from the June 17 1929 edition of the Toronto Daily Star of an American actress who had just married a French pilot.

Jean Assolant (1905-1942) has a French Wikipedia page. He was one of the pilots who participated in the first French crossing of the North Atlantic. He and Ms. Parker had apparently only known each other for 13 days before they married; their marriage did not last long. He remarried in 1934 and died in a plane crash during the Second World War.

Google searches for Pauline Parker turned up references to a girl with the same name from Australia who, with a friend, murdered her mother when she was 16. I did find an Internet Movie Database entry for a Pauline Parker who appeared in a movie in 1932; this might be the woman in the photograph above.

I also found a photograph of Assolant and Ms. Parker, which was taken in 1929.

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