A country churchyard in the city

Fair warning: for the next few days, we will be living in the world of June 17 1929, as that day’s edition of the Toronto Daily Star looks to be a good source of blog material. To start, here’s the daily poem that appeared on the editorial page, which I noticed because of the mentioned location:

At the time of this poem, Don Mills Road started at the north end of Broadview Avenue; the corner is now Pape and O’Connor. The church at this corner was originally a Methodist church before becoming Don Mills United Church in 1925.

The church that J. Lewis Milligan would have seen was demolished in 1950 and a larger church was built in its place. However, the old graveyard is still there. It is closed to the public (or at least it was when I was last in the neighbourhood), but you can peek over the fence. The Taylor family that settled the district is buried there.

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