No Teddy Baer

The June 12 1933 edition of the Toronto Daily Star contained multiple references to the Baer family of boxers. There was a reference to Max Baer’s possible upcoming wedding (covered earlier this week) and there was this photograph of Max’s younger brother, Buddy:

Buddy Baer (1915-1986) came very close to becoming the world heavyweight boxing champion in 1941. He lost a bout with champion Joe Louis, but many commentators believed that Louis should have been disqualified in the sixth round of their fight after a late hit.

Baer retired from boxing in 1942 after losing a rematch with Louis. After serving in the war, he opened a number of businesses: the most successful was Buddy Baer’s Bar of Music, located in Sacramento, California. He also worked as a nightclub singer, once performing with Pearl Bailey.

According to Wikipedia – the go-to source for the lazy! – he and his brother Max were known as “professional good guys” or “genial giants”, so they seem to have been nice people when they were not punching anybody.

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