The Toronto Daily Star’s editorial page used to include a column called “A Little Of Everything”, which always led off with a poem. Here’s the entry for June 12 1933:

(As I’ve mentioned before: I have no real ear for poetry.)

Molly Bevan (1904-1994) started her working life at the Bell Telephone Company in Hamilton. Her employer encouraged her poetry, publishing some of her poems (including the one shown here) in the company’s staff magazine, The Blue Bell.

The phone company also compiled a collection of her work, Christmas Again and Other Poems, as a Christmas gift for employees in 1923; it can be found here. The collection featured a foreword by Bell executive Paul A. McFarlane that divided workers into three groups: Help, Habit, and Hindrance (the first group was the good one).

Ms. Bevan’s second collection of poems, Gifts of the Year and Other Poems, was published by Macmillan in 1927. She married electrical engineer John Joseph Taylor in 1934; the couple lived in Ohio and California and had four children.

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