Wants trial at once

Here’s a photo from the May 4 1934 edition of the Toronto Daily Star of a woman accused of harboring notorious gangster John Dillinger:

John Dillinger (1903-1934), who had the perfect name for a wanted desperado, was the head of a gang that was accused of robbing 24 banks and four police stations. He evaded police in four states for over a year before being shot as he attempted to flee from the Biograph Theater in Chicago.

Evelyn “Billie” Freschette (1907-1969) was raised on a Menominee Indigenous reservation in Wisconsin before attending a residential school in South Dakota. In 1932, she married Welton Spark just before he was about to start a 15-year term in Leavenworth prison for three counts of robbery; they divorced in 1933. She was involved with Dillinger for about six months before being arrested.

She served two years in prison and was released in 1936. After her release, she toured with the Dillinger family for five years in a show titled Crime Doesn’t Pay. She later returned to the Menominee reservation, married twice more, and passed away from cancer.

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