Joy sticks are nothing new

I’m continuing on with the photo page from the January 25 1932 edition of the Toronto Daily Star because I keep finding interesting pictures on it. Here’s one of a teenage girl who had just gotten her pilot’s license:

Searches revealed that Mary Equi was the adopted daughter of Marie Equi (1872-1952), a social activist and doctor in the American West who provided information on birth control and abortion at a time when both were illegal. The elder Ms. Equi spoke out against the United States getting involved in World War I; as a result, she was arrested for sedition and served a year and a day in San Quentin prison.

She and her partner, a woman named Harriet Frances Speckart, adopted Mary, sometimes known as Mary Jr., in 1915. According to Wikipedia, the younger Ms. Equi apparently eloped; I could not find any details. Mary Jr. also apparently cared for her adopted mother during the final years of her mother’s life.

I couldn’t find out much else about Mary Jr. The only other search result I could find was this photo, which appears to be a better-quality copy of the image above.

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