The Swedish banknote girl

Here’s a publicity photo from the January 25 1930 edition of the Toronto Daily Star of a Swedish actress about to appear in a German movie.

Vera Schmiterlöw (1904-1987) appeared in movies in Sweden and Germany between 1920 and 1931. Shortly after this photograph was taken, she returned to the stage in Sweden. She did not appear on screen again until 1969, when she was cast in some TV movies and mini-series. Her last screen role was in the wonderfully named Release The Prisoners To Spring (1975).

Some elements of the caption above remain a mystery. I could find no reference to Ms. Schmiterlöw as a banknote girl, and I could not find a German film named The Butterfly Ball. When I looked in the Internet Movie Database for titles of that name, I found a 1977 concert movie featuring Roger Glover, the former lead singer of Deep Purple.

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