Chuckles of 1922

Here’s an ad from the December 31 1921 edition of the Toronto Daily Star for a vaudeville performance that was about to appear in Toronto.

I looked up as many of these performers as I could find:

  • Clark and McCullough were childhood friends from Ohio who became circus performers and then a comedy duo. Following this show, they went on to appear on Broadway and in a series of short motion pictures; YouTube has some of them, including Odor in the Court (1934). In 1936, McCullough, who suffered from depression, killed himself with a razor.
  • The Musical Spillers were a Black jazz and vaudeville band that formed in the first decade of the twentieth century; they were originally called the Three Musical Bumpers. The group’s size varied between about three and 12. I found an article describing their early history.
  • Olga Mishka appeared in Tickle Me in 1921. I found a couple of photographs of her. Her birth name was Gladys Buckley.
  • I found information on recordings by Earl Rickard and the White Way Trio, but no biographical data.
  • Jean Bedini, the producer, passed away in 1956 at the age of 85. He was formerly the Orpheum Juggler.
  • There is video footage of “Charles Mac” from this show, but I could find nothing else about him.
  • I found nothing about Anderson & Wheeler, Permane & Shelley, and Rial & Lindstrom.

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