Wealthy artist and his wife

The December 28 1926 edition of the Toronto Daily Star contained this photograph of a man who had allegedly been shot by his lover.

Wallace M. Probasco, wealthy artist, does not have a Wikipedia page, but his wife, Maud Ingersoll Probasco (1864-1936), does. She was a suffragist and an animal rights activist, and the daughter of Robert G. Ingersoll, a lawyer known as “The Great Agnostic”. The Probascos were actually married in 1912, 14 years before this photo was published.

Robert G. Ingersoll appears to have been no relation to Robert H. Ingersoll, whose wife was involved with Mr. Probasco. The latter Ingersoll was a businessman who invented the first mass-produced pocket watch, called the “Dollar Watch”.

Mr. Probasco recovered from his injuries; he and his wife reconciled. He was charged with Ms. Ingersoll’s murder, but the charge was eventually dismissed when it was determined that she had shot him and then herself when he informed her that he was ending their affair.

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