Santa in the 1920s and 1930s (part 3)

This post continues looking at Eaton’s Santa Claus Parade ads from the Toronto Daily Star. We’ve done the 1920s; let’s move to the 1930s. (Click on any ad to view it in a larger size.)

As you may recall, in 1929, Santa arrived on a giant Arctic fish. I wondered: did the fish return in 1930? Let’s see:

In this year’s parade, Santa was back to his traditional reindeer – though only six of them – and was in a sleigh. Unfortunately, this parade included what the ad referred to as “two little pickaninnies” on elephants. The past was not a better place to live. (The parade also included Amos and Andy in the Fresh Air Taxi Cab, which made things even worse.)

1931 looks like it was also a sleigh and reindeer, judging by the picture at bottom right:

This year, Santa sent a Santagram from Moose Factory, and reminded all the good little boys and girls that he would be broadcasting that night on CKGW radio. There was also a broadcast of the parade on the radio for boys and girls who had to stay indoors.

In 1932, it looks like the giant fish is back, but it also looks like Santa is still with his reindeer.

It turned out that this is how it continued throughout the 1930s: Santa always appeared on his sleigh with reindeer, with no Arctic fish, ducks, war canoes, locomotives, or anything else included. Part of this might just have been because the parade might have repeated itself a bit more in tougher times, of course. Here’s links to the ads up to 1938, if you’re curious:

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