Moving furniture safely

Here’s an ad from the November 16 1942 edition of the Toronto Daily Star for the Tippet-Richardson moving company that featured a testimonial from one of their employees.

Since the Toronto city directories list everyone’s occupation whenever possible, I decided to try to trace Bill Parker. Sure enough, I found him: the 1942 directory lists a William Parker working as a driver for Tippet-Richardson and living at 327 Gladstone Avenue. He first appears in the 1937 directory with that employer and at that location; the 1936 directory does not appear to list him.

The 1947 directory lists him as still working as a driver for Tippet-Richardson, but now living at 386 Balliol. And that is where he stayed: he was at 386 Balliol in the 1969 directory, which is the last one that I can view online. He remained at Tippet-Richardson too, though by 1957 he was working as a warehouse foreman.

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