Wedded fifty years today

Here’s a photo from the September 12 1928 edition of the Toronto Daily Star featuring a couple celebrating their golden wedding anniversary.

As usual when I see one of these, I look them up in the Toronto city directories. I found Joseph McGraw in the 1928 directory at 103 Givens Street. Interestingly enough, McGraw was listed as a boarder there. If he and his wife wanted to receive friends, they probably would have first checked with their landlord, a man named Frank H. Belz.

The McGraws weren’t on Givens Street for much longer, unfortunately. Joseph McGraw appears in the 1929 directory at that location. The 1930 directory lists two other people named Joseph McGraw at different addresses; they were both listed as employed, so they were probably different people. I couldn’t find a listing for his widow, so I don’t know for sure what happened to them. Givens Street is now called Givins Street; the name was changed in 1947.

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