As I’ve mentioned before, the Toronto Daily Star’s editorial page used to contain a section called A Little Of Everything. This section led off with a daily poem; the poems varied widely in quality.

The poem from the September 9 1949 edition of the paper was interesting to me because it included the poet’s name and address:

I’m no judge of poetry; all I can say is that this poem didn’t really do anything for me. But I was curious, so I traced the poet’s name and address in the Toronto city directories. Sure enough, the 1949 directory listed Florence E. Schill; she was working as an editorial assistant at Maclean Hunter, and she was at 216 Snowdon Avenue.

I looked her up at five-year intervals:

  • In 1954, she was a reporter for the Globe and Mail and living at 72 Spencer Avenue.
  • In 1959, she was employed by the Children’s Aid Society and living at 125 Lyndhurst Avenue.
  • By 1964, she was the director of public relations for the Children’s Aid Society of Metropolitan Toronto and living in an apartment at 484 Church Street.
  • In 1969, she was still a director of public relations (location unspecified) and living in an apartment at 31 Alexander Street.

The online city directories don’t go later than that, so I don’t know what happened to her. A search turned up only a PDF document containing statistics obtained from an interview with her in 1961.

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