Aching aching feet

Here’s a short ad from the July 16 1942 edition of the Toronto Daily Star that caught my attention:

I’m not sure why the ad copy mentioned that the method of overcoming foot trouble was the most sensible in all America. Presumably, the method was imported from the United States, but the ad doesn’t say what it was.

The 1942 Toronto city directory lists Ross Wood’s Ltd. as a drug store, located on the second floor of the building at 197 Bay Street. J. B. Wood was listed as the firm’s president, but I couldn’t find anybody of that name in the directory – he or she must have lived out of town. The firm was new, as it wasn’t in the 1941 directory.

The 1943 directory lists the firm on the first floor of 160 Bloor East, the location in this ad. There’s no record of J. B. Wood there either. By 1944, the firm was gone, so people with aching, aching feet would have had to look elsewhere for a solution.

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