$500,000 apartment house

Here’s one final item from the July 5 1929 edition of the Toronto Daily Star. This is an architect’s rendering of a new apartment building that was about to be built in downtown Toronto.

$500,000 in 1929 is equivalent to roughly $7.6 million in today’s money, so this wasn’t a cheap building.

I looked up the corner of Edmund Ave. and Benvenuto Place in Google Street View, and discovered that this building still stands as of September 2019. It’s now known as the St. Edmund Apartments.

I also looked up Dr. Stanley Floyd in the Toronto city directories. The 1929 directory lists him as a dentist living at 76 Glenview Avenue. By 1935, he was living in the building shown here, as his address was listed as apartment 103 at 7 Edmund Avenue. He didn’t stay there, though: the 1945 directory lists him at 134 Glen Road in Rosedale.

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