To be wed soon

Continuing with the July 5 1929 edition of the Toronto Daily Star: here’s an entry from that day’s photo page, featuring a film producer and a beauty contestant who were about to get married.

If her listed birth date is to be believed – and I didn’t find any source contradicting it – Ada Williams (1913-1975) was 14 when she became Miss Florida of 1927, and was 16 when she planned to wed Mr. Ince. After their marriage, she used Ada Ince as her stage name, and appeared in a number of movies in the 1930s.

She and Mr. Ince divorced in 1934, apparently due to his violent temper. She married Ray Dodge, a former Olympic middle-distance runner, in 1935; that marriage lasted until her death. Mr. Dodge was tangentially associated with show business – he ran metal works companies that produced the statuettes of Oscar for the Academy Awards.

William Thomas Ince appears to have been the son of a movie producer, not a movie producer himself. The caption for this photograph may have confused him with his father, Thomas H. Ince (1880-1924), who was one of the pioneers of the movie business, and who died young of heart failure. I could find out nothing else about the younger Mr. Ince.

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