New lady competitor

The July 5 1929 edition of the Toronto Daily Star continues to be a source of material! Here’s an item from the photo page of the paper, featuring a woman who was about to enter an air race against her husband:

Lois Butler (1897-1970) was a Canadian. She competed for Canada in the 1936 Winter Olympics as a skier, captaining the women’s skiing team and competing in the women’s combined event. She served in the Air Transport Auxiliary during the Second World War, logging more than 1000 hours of flight time on 36 different types of planes.

Her husband, Alan Samuel Butler (1898-1987), was reportedly the first person to own and operate a private plane. He was the chairperson of De Havilland Aircraft from 1923 to 1950, and was reportedly “conscientious to a degree and outspoken almost to a fault”. He outlived not only his wife but also his son, David, who died in a road accident in 1972.

As it turned out, neither Mrs. Butler nor Mr. Butler won the King’s Cup in 1929. The winner was R. L. R. Atcherley, who went on to become Air Marshal Sir Richard Llewellyn Roger Atcherley.

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