To transmit thrills

Here’s an image from the photo page of the July 5 1929 edition of the Toronto Daily Star. This is of a man who planned to wear a radio transmitter when performing a parachute jump.

A search for Charles de Bever didn’t turn up much. I saw two references in Google Books:

  • North Carolina Aviatrix Viola Gentry: The Flying Cashier contains a reference to DeBever (as he was referred to in this book) being honored along with Gentry at the First Annual Aviation Ball, held at Roosevelt Field on March 29, 1930. It states that DeBever had been wounded during a parachute jump.
  • Hollywood Unknowns: A History of Extras, Bit Players, and Stand-Ins contains a reference to Charles DeBeaver, a parachute jumper who was severely injured after his parachute failed to open at Roosevelt Field. The book claims that he went on to be a stand-in for Edward G. Robinson. The book gives him the nickname “Jumpy”, which either referred to his parachute jumping or to his possibly being a bit jumpy after surviving his accident. I’ll never know which.

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