Queen Mary stowaway

The front page of the May 28 1936 edition of the Toronto Daily Star contained a photograph and an article about a woman who stowed away on the Queen Mary. (I’ve only included part of the article here.)

Searches in the Toronto city directories and elsewhere revealed that Ms. Siegel’s name was actually Rohama Siegel, and that she was born in 1905. So she was 30 or 31 years old when she decided on impulse to stow away on the Queen Mary.

She is listed in the 1928 city directory as a student, and she and her father, Isidore H. Siegel, are listed at 53 Lee Avenue. The 1930 directory lists her as working at Realty Associates, the 1931 directory lists her as a journalist, and the 1933 directory lists her as a stenographer.

In the 1934 directory, Ida Siegel is listed as Isidore’s widow, and Rohama is not listed; by then, she was probably working in New York as mentioned in the article. She definitely was in England later on, as she co-wrote the screenplay for We’re Going To Be Rich (1938), a British film that starred Gracie Fields (previously mentioned in this blog here).

Searches also turned up a photo of Rohama Siegel with two of her siblings, along with a brief biography of the three. The date is suggested to be about 1940, but I suspect that it was taken earlier. I also found a family tree record, which states that she passed away in 1996.

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