Her hands keep smooth and white

Here’s an ad from the May 28 1936 edition of the Toronto Daily Star that caught my attention because it contained a testimonial from an actual person.

As usual, I was curious, so I tried to trace Mrs. Margaret Cameron in the Toronto city directories. Unfortunately, married women are never listed, but I discovered in the 1936 directory that 2001 Bloor Street West was the Ellis Park Apartments, and that a Fred J. Cameron lived in unit 401. Cross-referencing to the Names section of the directory yielded that he was working as a clerk at Confederation Life. (The Ellis Park Apartments still stand.)

When looking people up in the city directories, I have discovered that people who work for insurance companies tend to remain there, and such was the case with Mr. Cameron. He remained a clerk at Confederation Life through 1948, moving from his apartment to 539 Windermere Avenue and then to 16 Meadowcrest Road in Kingsway Park. The 1949 directory doesn’t list him or his widow, and 16 Meadowcrest Road has someone else listed, so my guess is that the Camerons moved out of town.

The Goldbergs, the show mentioned in this ad, appeared on radio from 1929 to 1946 and on television from 1949 to 1956. It was the second-longest running 15-minute serial comedy in radio history, second only to Amos ‘n’ Andy.

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