Little Leslie Ruth

Here’s a photograph from the May 23 1932 edition of the Toronto Daily Star of an actor’s daughter who was visiting her father.

Little Leslie Ruth Howard’s father was Leslie Howard (1893-1943), a British actor who was a major star in the 1930s. After appearing in Gone With The Wind in 1939, he returned to Britain to help produce anti-German propaganda and provide support for the Allies. On June 1 1943, he was on a BOAC plane flying from Lisbon to Bristol that was shot down. Reports differ on whether Howard, who was considered a propaganda asset, was targeted; a recent book claimed that the Germans did not know who was on the aircraft, and that shooting down the aircraft was simply an error in judgement.

Leslie Ruth Howard (1924-2013) appeared in at least one of her father’s films (sources vary as to which), and appeared in documentaries about Howard and his downed flight. Her biography of her father,  A Quite Remarkable Father: A Biography of Leslie Howard, was published in 1959.

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