Two photos

As I’ve mentioned before, I never grow tired of photos from old Toronto newspapers. They were often provided by wire services, and featured people who were interesting but not necessarily well-known.

Sometimes, I am able to trace what happened to a person in a photograph, but sometimes I am not. (The caption for a photo often got the name wrong, which doesn’t help.) Here are two photographs from the May 18 1931 edition of the Toronto Daily Star of people that I could not succeed in tracing.

First, there was Dolly Walsh, who was about to divorce her husband and take flying lessons:

I searched for everything I could think of, but no luck.

And there was this photo of Lucille Martin, who hiked across the country because she wanted to become a dancer:

Searches turned up a Lucille Martin who was gratefully acknowledged in a Wonderful World of Disney episode, but she was born in 1922, so this isn’t her. And there was a Lucille Martin in the chorus of a Broadway show, but this was in 1915, so this isn’t her either. 3000 miles is a long way.

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