Camera study #3

Here’s the third and last camera study from the photo page of the May 3 1930 edition of the Toronto Daily Star:

I am always astonished to see the name and address of a “charming young lady” appear in the newspaper. Wasn’t this an invitation to stalkers and other unpleasant people? Also: was she wearing some sort of headband, or was this just a series of scratches in the photograph?

Despite having her address as a clue, it was difficult, if not impossible, to trace Miss Helen V. McArthur. The 1930 Toronto city directory lists Wm G. McArthur working as a “trav” and living at 220 Waverley. However, he doesn’t appear to have put down roots there: the 1931 directory lists him as a salesman at W. G. Clarke and living at 10 Ladykirk Avenue.

The 1933 directory doesn’t list William G. McArthur, but does have a listing for a Helen McArthur living on Irene Avenue. She doesn’t appear in the 1932 and 1934 directories. I have no idea whether this is the woman in the photo.

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