Camera study #2

Here’s another portrait from the photo page of the May 3 1930 edition of the Toronto Daily Star:

It is always harder to trace women in the Toronto city directories, as married women are not listed independently, and single women often got married, changed their name, and thus become impossible to trace. It’s doubly hard if the person has a relatively common surname.

But I did find a Violet Law in the 1930 city directory: she was working as a stenographer at the Sellers-Gough Fur Company and living in an apartment on Queen East in the Beaches. She was at Sellers-Gough into 1936, but is not listed in the 1937 directory.

This is where the problem of having a common surname emerges – there is a Violet Law listed in the 1938 directory and working as a housekeeper at the Westmoreland Hotel. This Violet Law was working there as late as 1945. I doubt that this is the same person as the woman in the photo above, since stenographers normally don’t become housekeepers, but I have no way of knowing.

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