Celebrate 55th

Here’s a photo from the April 29 1936 edition of the Toronto Daily Star of a couple celebrating their 55th wedding anniversary.

As is usual when I see one of these, I looked the couple up in the Toronto city directories to see how long they lasted after the announcement. Mr. Wilson had such a common name that it was easier to find him by looking up Shaftesbury Avenue in the Streets section of the 1936 directory – I found him at 24 Shaftesbury. I also found Robert Wilson at 22 Shaftesbury and Fred E. Wilson at 26 Shaftesbury, so the street appears to have been a Wilson family compound.

All three Wilsons are in the 1937 and 1938 directories, but the 1939 directory lists John J. Wilson at 24 Shaftesbury and a non-Wilson at 26. In the 1940 directory, only Robert remains, at 22 Shaftesbury.

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