Final clearance sale

Here’s an ad from the April 25 1932 edition of the Toronto Daily Star for an upcoming art auction.

When I saw this, I was reminded of this ad, so I wondered whether this highly important collection of oil paintings and water colors was legit. The answer appears to be “sort of”. There really was an A. Luscombe Carroll, and there really was a Carroll Gallery in London; references to the gallery appear in print from about 1922 (or possibly earlier) to about 1938. However, it is not clear that all of the Canadian stock of the Carroll Galleries was being auctioned in Toronto, given that there were similar auctions in Vancouver and Winnipeg, among other places. Maybe they were transporting the art from place to place.

I traced Ward Price Limited and W. Ward Price in the Toronto city directories as best as I could. Mr. Price appears in the 1932 and 1933 directories, but is missing from other directories in the 1930s. He reappears in the 1941 and 1942 directories as residing in a house on Lonsdale Road in Forest Hill, but is not listed in the 1943 directory. Ward Price Limited (sometimes listed as Ward-Price Limited or Ward-Price (Downtown) Limited), appears at 111 King West as late as 1943, but the 1944 directory lists the address as Vacant.

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