Thwarts hold-up

Here’s a photograph from the March 27 1934 edition of the Toronto Globe of an enterprising man who kept his gas station from being robbed.

Out of curiosity, I looked him up in the Toronto city directories. I discovered that his name was actually George E. MacFarlane; in the 1934 directory, he was listed as working as a service station operator for the Hambleton Company. This company had a service station at 299 Eastern Avenue, which is at the corner of Eastern and Broadview, so I’m pretty sure that this was him.

Looking forward: Mr. MacFarlane is listed in the 1936 directory as an assistant manager at a service station, and in 1938 as a service station attendant. But the 1941 directory lists him as an electrician, so he had succeeded in improving his career prospects.

He seems to have remained an electrician for a long time. The 1948 directory lists him as an electrician at “Burman Elect”. Some of the directories from the 1950s do not list him, possibly because he moved outside of Toronto, but the 1958 directory lists George E. MacFarlane as an electrician at “Burnham Elect”, which I’m pretty sure is the same place. He was there in the 1968 directory too; I don’t have access to directories later than 1969, so I couldn’t trace him later than that.

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