Lady Lindsay, arrived, recently

Here’s a picture from the photo page of the March 24 1930 edition of the Toronto Daily Star whose caption, might, have, contained, an, extra, comma, or two:

Elizabeth Sherman Lindsay (1885-1954) was a grandniece of Civil War general William Tecumseh Sherman. She became a landscape gardener at a time when this was an occupation that was not normally open to women, and she was also a leading figure in the American Red Cross during the First World War.

Ronald Lindsay (1877-1945) was a career British diplomat. He had previously been the ambassador to Turkey and Germany before being appointed the ambassador to the United States. He stayed in the post until 1939, an unusually long tenure for an ambassador; apparently, he was quite good at the job. When he returned to England, his wife was unable to join him due to wartime travel restrictions and her own poor health.

Sir Ronald seems to have had a fondness for grandnieces of William Tecumseh Sherman. He married Martha Cameron in 1909; she passed away in 1918. He then married her cousin, born Elizabeth Sherman Hoyt and pictured here, in 1924.

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